Cutting pipe

cutting pipe Introduction

We get the full-automatic cutting machines and can cut length from 5mm to 300mm, tolerance controlled within 0.1mm. After full-automatic cutting there is usually will be chamfering process after, because after this process there will be burr on pipe ends, and the burr will bring difficulty for further process. We get 6 set of all-automatic cutting machines, and can cut 80,000pieces one day.
The other cutting service style is CNC sawing machine cutting, it is used to cut bigger sizes pipes. And its tolerance can be controlled within 2mm. For some client who get machining jobs, we supply the cut pipe pieces to them, in which way, we can save time and efforts for clients greatly.

Cutting pipe video

Cutting pipe image


11.Will you sell the cut piece pipes as per pieces or weight?
Our cutting pipe rings is usually sold as per piece, that is each piece of pipe ring in same value. For bigger sizes pipe rings process via CNC sawing machines, we also can charge as per pipes weight before cutting and then adding cutting fees.
22.What is your packing style for cutting pipes?
For small sizes cut via full-automatic cutting machines, we will loading the pipe rings in wood crates. For bigger sizes cut via CNC sawing machines, the pipe pieces will be stringed together by hanging belts.
33.What other process will you do to protect the cutting pipes?
Firstly cutting pipes will get rusty easily on cutting face, we will do the washing process, and then do anti-rust oil coating. So the cutting pieces will not get rusty for 2~3month. Secondly we will do chamfer process to remove the burr in case of the pipe pieces burr hurt the pipe surfaces when they collide with each other.