Hot dipped aluminized steel pipe

Hot dipped aluminized steel pipe Definition

Technology is same as hot dipped galvanized.
Hot dipped aluminized process is putting the steel pipes into molten aluminum or aluminum alloy solution, in this process, Fe and Al will make chemical reaction.
In the meanwhile when we carry pipes out of the solution, its surface will adhere one layer of aluminum or aluminum alloy.
So there comes a structure of two layers coating film. This structure make the steel pipe get silvery white looking and anti-corrosive feature of aluminum.
Also it have a feature of heat resistance (high temperature oxidation). The hot dipped aluminized pipes are widely used as gas vent pipe, oven pipe, boiler pipe and other combustion tube.
Performance of hot dipped aluminized products:
1) Good performance of heat resistance.
Hot dipped aluminized products is used for long time under 450℃, the appearance is still silvery white without change. Its heat resistance can be equal to 13Cr Stainless steel. Carbon steel after hot dipped aluminized process have equal performance on oxidative resistance with stainless steel. Its heat resistance can increase by nearly 100times. A lot kinds of steel can suit much higher temperature application condition. 2) Good performance of anti-corrosive.
Hot dipped aluminized products have very good performance of anti-corrosive in atmosphere condition, especially for atmosphere with SO2, H2S, NO2, CO2. It also have good anti-corrosive feature in marine atmosphere. Under different atmosphere conditions, the anti-corrosive feature of hot dipped aluminized products is 5 to 9 times as the hot dipped galvanized products. Moreover, its feature of anti-corrosive to sulfide is even unique, which is much better than higher classes stainless steel. Its feature of anti-corrosive in the saline water is also very good. 3) Performance of reflectivity to light and heat.
Hot dipped aluminized steel plate have good performance of reflectivity to light and heat. Taking advantage of this feature, we can increase the heat efficiency for the furnaces.

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11.Differences and advantages between electroless aluminum plating and vacuum aluminum plating?
Vacuum aluminizing is to heat aluminum into steam in a vacuum environment, which condenses when cold, just like steam condenses on the pot cover, and is widely used in the processing of cathode ray tubes. Electroless aluminum plating is generally carried out by chemical solvent through chemical reaction, which inevitably needs to treat waste liquid and is not environmentally friendly. And the cost is higher.
22.What is food grade aluminum plating?
Aluminum plating film is a film with bright metal color formed by evaporating high-purity aluminum wire at high temperature (1100~1200℃) and precipitating gaseous aluminum molecules on the surface of plastic film.
33.Difference between aluminized steel plate and aluminized zinc steel plate?
Firstly different meanings: 1) The aluminized steel plate is coated with a layer of pure aluminum or aluminum-silicon alloy containing 5%~10% silicon on the surface of carbon steel. 2) Aluminum-zinc plated steel plate is an alloy-coated steel plate with aluminum-zinc alloy coating treatment on the surface of steel plate, which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600℃. Its whole structure is composed of aluminum-iron-silicon-zinc, forming dense quaternary crystals. Secondly, the characteristics are different: 1) Aluminum-plated steel plate has unique properties such as good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and heat radiation, which has been more and more appreciated by people. The aluminized steel plate has good corrosion resistance when used in the environment of heat radiation, acid, condensate and atmospheric corrosion. 2) Aluminum-zinc plated steel plate has many excellent characteristics: corrosion resistance, heat resistance, heat reflectivity and economy.

hot dipped aluminized steel pipe