Rectangular pipe

Rectangular pipe Definition

Seamless rectangular pipe can be made from round steel pipes, during which process their circumferences is same, however thickness will not change.

Circumference format for rectangular pipe: (side length a+ side length b)*2

Circumference format for round pipes: outside diameter *3.14

We can get the OD data for mother pipe (round pipe)once the needed rectangular pipe is given.
This round to rectangular process is done on cold condition, and the bending level will be limited by the elongation of materials. Or there will be crack or breaks on the bending points.

Our company can produce and supply seamless rectangular pipe sizes from OD 30mm~300mm, and WT 3~25mm.

Rectangular pipe video


1Why should seamless pipes be phosphatized?
Phosphating can obviously improve the corrosion resistance of the paint film, and the corrosion resistance of painting after phosphating the surface of seamless steel pipe is about 12 times higher than that of painting directly without phosphating. Therefore, as a pretreatment before painting, the quality of phosphating directly affects the corrosion resistance of the paint film.
2What will happen if the steel pipe is not pickled then phosphatized?
If the steel pipe is not pickled, there may be oxides and oil stains on the surface, which can not be removed by the phosphating solution, and the phosphating quality will be reduced
3What problems should be paid attention to in order to ensure the anti-corrosion quality?
In phosphating process every working procedure is very important, degreasing should be done without any oil, pickling should be done without any rust, surface phosphating should be normal in temperature and proper in concentration, every washing should be cleaned, and it should be dried or scalded before oil immersion. The most important thing is to choose a good surface treatment product. Anti-corrosion phosphating is generally high-temperature pure manganese phosphating at 92~98℃, and good anti-rust oil is required.