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Screen pipe Definition

The screen pipe is produced based on steel pipe, which is cut into a number of slits by laser according to certain rules, so as to form sand filter screen.
There are three kinds of slotting methods on casing: axial slotting (longitudinal slotting screen pipe), oblique slotting and circumferential (transverse) slotting.
The exial pressure and the number of slots have smaller influence on the strength of the screen pipe, while the gas spacing and seam arrangement mode have a greater impact on the strength of the screen pipe.
The strength of the parallel seam screen pipe is higher than that of the staggered seam screen pipe.
Therefore, on the premise of meeting production requirement, the parallel slotted screen pipe is selected.
The screen pipes is widely used in oil, gas, and water sand prevention industry.

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11.What is the function of slotted pipe?
The effective rate of sand control by slotted pipe is as high as 99%, which reduces the repair frequency of oil wells by 80%, and improves the strength, integrity and stability of sand barrier of oil wells, providing conditions for realizing one-time sand control and multi-round gas injection production. Treatment of long shut-in well gives full play to the advantages of high strength of pipe and joint, good sand control effect and simple structure, and fundamentally avoids the problem of "wire disorder" of wire-wound pipe. The advantages are: good rigidity, scratch resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and uniform gap.
22.Is there a trapezoidal slotted screen?
Yes, there is a trapezoidal slotted screen, which is a trapezoidal slotted screen used for oil and gas well completion and gravel packing sand prevention in oil fields. A plurality of slots of predetermined length are made on the oil pipe or casing, so that the slot width on the inner surface of the pipe is larger than that on the outer surface, and the cross section of the slot extends to the inner wall of the pipe in an approximate trapezoidal shape. To prevent deformation and blockage of the slot, a straight slot is made at a distance from the slot surface to the slot. The slot width on the outer surface of this utility model can be processed to 0.1 mm. The error is less than 0.02mm, the effect of oil pumping and sand prevention is good, the production cost is low, and it has good industrial practicability. The specific shape of the slot depends on the actual application.
33.How long is your delivery time for screen pipes?
We take 15 days to produce the base pipes, and will take another two weeks to make them into screen pipe according to your drawing. And the total delivery time will be around one month. We also accept processing with supplied materials.

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