Wear-resistant Steel Pipe

Wear-resistant Steel Pipe Definition

Wear-resistant steel pipe is widely used on electric power, metallurgy, coal mining and chemical industries, conveying sand, stone, mine powder, lime-ash, aluminum liquid and other grindability particles and corrosive media.
Wear resistant steel pipe can be a welded pipe or seamless pipe. And welded wear resistant steel pipe is produce from wear resistant steel plate, they can be ERW pipe, or SAW pipe. Welded wear resistant steel pipe have lower strength compared with seamless pipe. Our production scale for seamless wear-resistant steel pipe is from OD 42 till 508mm, and WT from 4 to 80mm.
We produce the wear-resistant steel pipe as per GB8162, GB8163 and GB33966.
Production Size Range: OD 21.3mm to 630mm x WT 3mm to 80mm
Below table is the mechanical property for our seamless wear-resistant steel pipes.

Wear-resistant Steel Pipe parameter

Mechanical Property
Grade Yield Strength (MPa) Tensile Strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Hardness (HRC)
Not below
45Mn2 - - Delivery condition: hot rolled. Hardness≥50, after heat treatment.
HS-1 - - Delivery condition: hot rolled. Hardness≥55, after heat treatment.
65Mn - - Delivery condition: hot rolled. Hardness≥58, after heat treatment.
H65 - - Delivery condition: hot rolled. Hardness≥60, after heat treatment.
NM50 420 750 14 Hardness≥50, after heat treatment.
NM55 450 780 13 Hardness≥55, after heat treatment.
NM60 530 880 12 Hardness≥60, after heat treatment.
NM62 550 900 12 Hardness≥62, after heat treatment.

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Advantages of us

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2.We improve our goods quality starting from the raw materials. All our raw materials is from China biggest national steel company or group, which will ensure the right chemical composition and good mechanical property.
3.SGS and BV third party inspection can be done before goods sending to port.
4.Good experience on dealing with export issues.
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1What kind of wear-resistant pipe is used in mines?
The outer layer is high-strength steel and the inner layer is ceramic, which is called ceramic lined composite steel pipe. The ceramics in the inner layer are very wear-resistant
2Performance characteristics of wear-resistant pipe?
a. Excellent wear resistance, continuous use for more than 10 years.
b. The lining ceramic has high strength, high hardness and light weight
c. Firm mounting, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance
d. The inner wall is smooth and does not block the powder
3What is the classification of wear-resistant pipes ?
There are mainly seven kinds of wear-resistant pipes as follows:
a. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene pipeline, mainly used for slurry transportation; b. Polymer ceramic corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant pipelines are mainly used in desulfurization pipelines; c. Bimetal surfacing alloy wear-resistant pipeline, which is used for pulverized coal transportation pipeline; e. Casting bimetallic high chromium wear-resistant pipes for mine backfilling; e. Integral ceramic wear-resistant pipeline, which is used for conveying pipeline with silicon powder; f. Rubber wear-resistant pipeline, used for corrosive slurry pipeline; g. Cast stone wear-resistant pipeline, used for ash conveying pipeline of power plant;