Pipe Deep Machining

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Essential Treatment

A Painting. It can be black, red, and yellow painting, or as per client request.
B Beveled. The beveled angle is 30°~45°, or as per client request.
C Marking. Production standard + steel grade + dimension size + origin, or as per client request.
D Plastic caps protection. Inside plastic caps; and outside plastic caps; or as per client request.
E Beveled ends protection ring. Specially for thin wall thickness pipe hanging.
F Fixed length. 5~5.8m range fixed length; 6m fixed length; or as per client request.
G Hanging belts. In circle shape or belts.
H Plastic clothes wrapping. Color in blue or chromatic colour, or as per client request.
I Anti rust oil. We will spray the high quality rust-resistant oil on surface of pipes.

Pipe Deep Machining Service

Till today we formed one professional and comprehensive producing-machining-supplying system for steel pipes. We not only produce steel pipes, but also we make deep machining on it. The deep machining service mainly comprise of cutting, chamfering, polishing, threading, coupling producing, hot dipped galvanized, hot dipped aluminized, anti-corrosive coating, pipe bending, screen pipe making, round shape into rectangular, pipe size expanding, and steel pipe phosphating.