How is thin wall Stainless Steel Pipe itself to ensure compressive strength

Construction pipelines are mostly hidden works, if the quality of pipe fittings is not good, it will cause considerable economic losses. For comprehensive cost consideration, thin - walled stainless steel pipe are greatly promoted.So for high-rise building, how is thin wall water pipe itself to ensure compressive strength?

The tensile strength of stainless steel pipe is 2 times of common steel pipe, 3~4 times of copper pipe and 8~10 times of plastic pipe.The strength of the material determines whether the pipes strong, resistant to bump, safe and reliable.And copper pipe and plastic pipe leakage rate is relatively high, the pipeline is easy to be damaged by construction or secondary decoration.Several major domestic cities living on plastic water pipes complaints of the main reason is leakage, leakage of a main reason is plastic water pipes can not withstand the impact of external forces.
The working pressure of high-rise water supply system is generally greater than 0.6mpa;High pressure requirements on the pipe.The working pressure of plastic pipe used in water supply system is less than this value.Compound pipe two kinds of material expansion coefficient difference is big, if the bond is not firm or the temperature change is big, it is easy to produce layer separation.The maximum pressure of thin-walled copper pipe can be up to 5.9Mpa.The thin-walled stainless steel pipe can withstand more than 10Mpa due to its excellent mechanical properties, especially suitable for high-rise water supply.
In addition, the heat conductivity of stainless steel pipe is 1/25 of copper pipe, and 1/4 of ordinary steel pipe, so it is especially suitable for hot water transport. Also its heat preservation performance is much better than copper pipe.So its application is much broader.